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Welcome to the best site to play hangman online. We've worked hard to make this site the premier place to enjoy playing the classic game of Hangman.
We have over 60,000 words in our database. Some are common words while others are a little bit more obscure!
If you think we have a word that is unfair or objectionable just let us know and we'll see about removing it from our database.
Make sure you check out all versions of our game by using the links on the left hand side of this page. We have versions for Halloween,
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more! The other versions often have a surprise twist as they don't use the standard hangman image but shake
things up a bit with some holiday themed images!

Remember your basic hangman strategy, pick vowels first for a good chance at success. Don't forget to pick the
letter 'S' because often times the word will be its plural version.

We hope you have as much fun playing our games as we had creating them. Don't forget to add us to your favorites
or bookmarks. Tell your friends about our site and send us your suggestions. We want to make this site the best place
to play hangman free online!
Did you get a word you thought was unfair or inappropriate? We are always refining our word database so let us know the word and we will reconsider its inclusion. Send an email to

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